Touring and off-roading are two terms that get thrown around loosely these days. Touring is often mistaken as off-roading, though there are distinct differences.

While the two aren’t mutually exclusive, here’s how we define each term so you know how and when to use them:

Touring: Is the term we use to capture the spirit of adventure. Touring is more for the journey rather than the destination, often taking long, slow trips across huge distances, avoiding main roads at all costs. Touring can be two or four wheel vehicles, and will travel self-sufficiently, embracing the environment through which they are travelling. It’s an attempt to escape society and experience the outback.

So, if you’re headed off on a big trip, and travelling with all the food, drink, shelter and entertainment that you need – you’re touring.

But, if you’re just headed out for a day or two of tackling muddy slopes, sandy dunes, or any other rough terrain you can find – you’re off-roading.

The real question is… why not do both?

Rhino-Rack products are made so your roof top load is secure enough to go off-roading while you’re touring.